VPS Chain



VPS Chain agrees to provide and customer agrees to purchase the services requested by customer from the website, in email or in writing. Customer may add services via any of the methods and agrees to pay in advance for them whether they be one time charges or recurring monthly fees.


VPS Chain will invoice Customer for Fees and Expenses monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Payment shall be due immediately upon the invoice date for recurring services. Invoices which remain unpaid until customer pay it,if service got expired will be terminated and any data stored on the service, completely wiped. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, the failure of VPS Chain to include earned or incurred Fees or Expenses on a given invoice shall not relieve Customer of its obligation to pay such Fees or Expenses.


Chargebacks and disputes will lead to suspension of the whole account, including all services that are active under the account. We may choose to cancel the account completely without any refunds, at our sole discretion in these cases.

Refund Policy

Our virtual private servers (VPS) carry a 24-hour money back guarantee with a valid reason requirement. Valid reasons include issues which are caused directly due to the fault of VPS Chain. Issues outside our control or network do not qualify for a refund.

A refund must be requested by opening a ticket with our billing department and providing an overview of the issue you had with the service, along with the appropriate evidence/logs providing it to be an issue caused due to the fault of VPS Chain. A cancellation request is equivalent to deleting your server and does not warrant a refund request..

Prohibited Usage

A list of prohibited content can be found below, which includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Virtual currency mining (such as bitcoin, primecoin etc), except on plans with dedicated CPU
  2. Child pornography
  3. Malware/virus/security exploit activities
  4. Terrorist activities
  5. Email spam
  6. Phishing
  7. Port scanning, brute forcing or any other hacking attempts
  8. DDoS/DoS/booters/network floods or similar network attacks activities
  9. Any CPU, disk or network abusing software. Including but not limited to card sharing (MultiCS etc), Folding@Home, Traffic Exchange and other similar software. Exceptions can be made for plans with dedicated CPU if we are notified in advance.
  10. Any illegal activity by law
  11. Port 25 (all outgoing emails) are blocked in Hong Kong and Sydney. This restriction cannot be lifted. This restriction does not apply on our other locations.

Any of the above being detected will result in an immediate suspension with no prior warning. It may lead to a termination. No refund shall be granted in these cases.

If you would like to install an application on your service with VPS Chain that may be deemed abusive, please contact us before hand.

Port Speed and Bandwidth

On our website, port speed means the speed of the network interface that has been given to your server. This usually is 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps. Bandwidth means the amount of data transfer you are allowed to transfer on the network, both going out of your server, or coming in to your server. This means both incoming and outgoing traffic is counted. Unmetered means that we will not monitor your bandwidth usage and you can use your port fully, all the time, without any limitations. If there is a bandwidth limit, it means that you are not allowed to use more bandwidth than the limit in one month. Your server will be stopped if you reach your bandwidth limit. Additional bandwidth can be added for $4 per Terabyte by contacting our support. Bandwidth limit is reset on the 1st of every month, regardless of your service due date.

Security Interest

Customer grants VPS Chain a blanket security interest in the customer’s contract with their customers who are renting servers from VPS Chain in one of VPS Chain’s used facilities and any equipment which they have colocated in one of VPS Chain’s used facilities on behalf of VPS Chain in the event of non-payment by customer – customer agrees that VPS Chain may take these customer contracts direct and or sell the equipment without a tortious interference claim or unlawful conversion claim to protect the credit balance owed to VPS Chain by the customer and full ownership of the contracts shall transfer as well if balance is more than 60 days old.


The term of this Agreement shall begin upon the date the server is installed and made available to customer and shall be for 1 month (or any other billing period selected by the customer) and shall renew for the same successive terms until terminated by either Party upon the sooner of (i) thirty (30) days prior written notice to the other Party, or (ii) the expiration or termination of all Service(s) set forth in the Statement of Work and all Work Order(s).

Privacy Policy

Usage of Information

We use the information we collect to provide you with a product and/or a service, process payments, contact you, provide you with access to our control panel and to continue to improve our services. We also use the information to prevent abuse of our services, including detecting and preventing fraud. We may also use this information in order to market our related products and services to you.

We also use this information to enforce our terms of service and other policies, and to service any judicial process as per the laws of the land.

Legal and Security

In order for us to provide you with a service in accordance with the applicable laws, we collect your personal information to perform a contract. All the collected information is kept safe and only used to provide you with the service that you have purchased from us and related usage, such as marketing relevant to your service, billing and accounting, providing you with support, improving our services and preventing fraud.