VPS Chain


SSL Certificate

This certificate provides secure (encrypted) online communication to your site visitors. All transactions and data that you exchange with the Website will be encrypted and thus your privacy protected as well as the integrity of your data preserved.


Solid state disk - A storage disk, which is not composed of standard mechanical parts but uses flash memory. SSDs feature high read-write speeds, far more than classic standard hard drives.


Open source CMS system used to create websites. WordPress is free, easy to install and easy to handle. There are a number of free themes, and premium, buy-only storage solutions

KVM Virtuelization

(Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a "full" virtualization that allows a VPS or cloud server to act and act as if it were a physical server. If you are a client of VPS Chain cloud VPS server, KVM virtualization guarantees you complete control over your VPS server and greater security. KVM virtualization does not allow for so-called overselling, which means that physical server resources cannot be shared between multiple VPS servers. Each virtual server receives its own and guaranteed resources such as RAM and SSD. There is no risk of other clients compromising your server by overriding one of the resources.


(Virtual Network Computing) It is a graphical application that allows you to remotely access a VPS or cloud server so you can manage it. The biggest benefit you get with VNC (with linux operating systems installed on the server) is that if for whatever reason SSH access does not work for you and you are unable to access the server via SSH, you have direct access to the server through VNC and even and if there is no network connection on your VPS or cloud server and you can easily solve the problem. If you installed an operating system with a graphical environment (Linux or Windows) on your virtual server, you access the VNC directly from that graphical environment as you physically access your computer.

Bash Scripts

A bash script is a text file that contains a number of linux commands, and we can compare it with the code of a program / application you write, because bash scripts are used for both simple and simple things, as well as for more complex applications that can run on linux systems.


(Secure Shell) A protocol that provides users, especially system administrators, with a safe and secure way to access a computer or server over a network. SSH provides strong authentication and encrypted data (traffic) between two computers and or servers that connect via a free network such as the Internet. SSH is much used by system administrators to manage systems and applications from a remote location. The default and most commonly used SSH port is TCP port 22, however, it is strongly recommended to change the SSH port for security reasons, especially for malware that scans the Internet every second to successfully log on to the servers using random authentication (bruteforce).


Uptime is none other than the time the server or service was online and functional. Uptime is most often measured in percentage over a year's operation of a server or service. VPS Chain guarantees 99.99% uptime to its users, which is a pretty big difference from the competition's 99.9%.

DDOS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) attack is one of the most powerful weapons on the internet. When you hear that a website or server has crashed, in most cases the reason is a DDoS attack. These attacks work by overloading the server or service, and then it becomes unavailable and stops functioning. There are three different types of DDoS attacks and they are focused on three of the seven OSI network layers, Layer 3, 4 and Layer 7. VPS Chain advanced DDoS protects your website, VPS, cloud server against all three types of these attacks up to 600 Gbps power, and there are only a few attacks in the world that have a capacity greater than 600 Gbps.


An operating system that is also a commercial operating system solely designed for cPanel needs and its benefits is that it separates each cPanel user from each other as if each user is a separate virtual machine where each user has allocated CPU, RAM resources, etc. and in case overloading one of the clients, other clients will have no problems and will not have to suffer because of that one or more problematic clients.


A commercial web server that proved to be much better quality and faster than apache and nginx for example

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is the proven and most effective WordPress caching system. VPS Chain Cloud Cloud Hosting and WordPress Hosting users have the ability to use LiteSpeed Cache for free. This caching system works by communicating with the LiteSpeed web server to save a copy of the static HTML page that wordpress dynamically generates. When a static copy of the page is copied to the cache, then that copy will be served to future visitors and therefore you get at the speed of loading your wordpress website and reducing the resources consumed by freeing up the demanding wordpress process.


Bandwidth is a unit of measurement for the speed at which data or traffic is transmitted from and to the server. Each of VPS Chain's web hosting services comes with a limit of large 1 Gbps. Many confuse Bandwidth with the Data Transfer term, and in fact these are two different things that are closely related. Unlike Bandwidth, Data Transfer is a term for the amount (not the speed) of data, that is, traffic coming from and to the server and all VPS Chain web hosting services come with an UNLIMITED data flow.


Central Processing Unit - A computer processor that can be single-core or multi-core. Modern computers are increasingly using multi-core multi-tasking processors, allowing computers to perform multiple operational tasks simultaneously


Cloud is a resource sharing service from different sources, with the resources allocated being easily scaled according to the needs of the users and the resources being geographically closer to the users, reducing the time for their distribution over the internet


A new version of the disks used for data storage. NVMe drives are even faster than SSD drives and feature very high speeds of information flow, read and write speeds of over 1000 megabytes per second.


An open source operating system that enables server operation.


Virtual private server. At the remote server station, a virtual environment is raised that simulates the special resources allocated. One such server station can contain and serve several dozen virtual machines with minimal hardware component occupancy.


Random access memory - Working, working memory of a computer that allows it to perform computer operations and tasks.

Internet Domain

An Internet domain represents the address of your website. The same thing as your mailing address and your apartment number is the address of your website that users enter into a browser to access your site.


A remote computer that is used to store files and serve them to anyone who queries the server as well as to operate various operating and network services. Servers are usually located in large data centers.

IP Address

The unique computer protocol number used by computers on the Internet in interconnection.


How long have you been in the vps hosting industry?

With over 10 years of experience in the international market, we have been present since 2016 under the name VPS Chain. VPS Chain has also been marketed and based in the foreign market since 2016. At the end of 2019, VPS Chain decides to move its primary business to the domestic market.

Where are your servers located?

Our server and network infrastructure is located in the most modern and best equipped data centers in Germany and Finland. In order to deliver you the best and highest quality hosting service possible, without downtime, we pay data centers also hardware and network maintenance services for our complete infrastructure, with the obligation to prevent, respond and resolve potential problems at the same time.

Is VAT included in the price?

We are not in the VAT system so VAT is not calculated. Don't worry, there are no hidden costs in VPS Chain.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept online payment by PayPal and BitCoin payments.

What is your technical support business hours?

Technical support is available for you through the ticketing system on our portal as well as via e-mail to [email protected]. If you write to us via email, please include your name, surname and email address registered on the VPS Chain portal.

Can you place an order for me?

Of course, feel free to contact us and we will do it for you.