VPS Chain


Why choose us?

We went into this business with some principles. We do not want you, our customers, to rob yourself of hard-earned money and provide only some mediocre services. It's everywhere.

We want to last in the market and we want you to get the best of us, to be as happy as possible and to know what you are paying for.

Of course, no one is perfect. Sometimes it is simply a requirement to pass. We also want to keep that to a minimum. Even when you are not satisfied, we are here to listen to you and find a solution.

When we started this business, we set three principles ...

You know, we used to be users too. We have experienced issues that you may be experiencing.

Nice offer, and sudden and unplanned expenses at the end of the month. Because of the small letters. The promise of some support, and when the problem comes up, all the phones are busy for hours. Site hacking, leaks and / or data loss ...

And we promised ourselves that we would do differently.


Safety comes first

Your data is just your data. We have invested the most in infrastructure (often called bulletproof). You give us confidence and we want to justify it.

All your projects, databases, emails, websites, applications ... are backed up and stored daily at external sites for even greater security. We have implemented Advanced DDoS protection, as well as many WAF (web application firewalls) and network firewalls.

We want you to feel safe and secure.


Real customer care

Our support is really there for you 24/7. We know how stressful it can be when a site crashes and visitors leave. When the application does not work because it cannot connect to the server and the presentation is tomorrow. When emails to other users on your server suddenly arrive.

Know that there is always someone here who understands you.

We are here to listen to you and find a solution. No hidden costs. Our support is free.


Love for the vps hosting industry

Behind every good company is some idea or passion. We just love this job and really do it with dedication. We want to leave something for the future, that our company really lasts and be your true partner.

Want to know more about us or how good it is to be our customer?

We are expecting you!

VPS Chain team - your reliable hosting partner

You are secure with us.